Saturday, November 30, 2013

Opportunity for pro-science pro-patent Republicans

Republicans ought to be able to make some hay out of the FDA's recent slap down of personal genetic testing pioneer 23andMe.  Some enterprising conservative House members ought to introduce legislation to rein in the FDA, doing so on the grounds of both individual liberty and scientific progress.
It's got all the right ingredients. A senseless governmental overreach... right in our wheelhouse. Target audience? Upper middle class suburbanites... a demographic we've struggled with of late.
A fix would be Pro-science! An issue certain people anti-associate with the GOP.  A fix would be pro-liberty, pro-individual determination.
Why shouldn’t people have the right to learn about their own DNA without the interference of an increasingly political health-care industrial complex?

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

VA, NJ quick thoughts


I'm not going to get into the blame game on Cuccinelli's loss, but when you have a viable candidate, you fight hard. You fight hard until the end because you never know what might happened. 

Exit question to those who say Cuccinelli "ran hard" on social issues: Did Cuccinelli do that, or did McAuliffe do that?

New Jersey

Chris Christie will not be the GOP Presidential nominee in 2016.

It's not so much the in-your-face attitude that gets me, its the in-MY-face attitude.  Christie snarled at fiscal conservatives who didn't want the Sandy relief bill to be too porked up.

So that's a strike on fiscal issues, which you can add to his Second Amendment problems.

Screw you too, buddy.

Monday, November 04, 2013

Word Watch: Substandard

The latest White House weasel word in defense of Obama "misspeaking" about folks keeping their insurance plans is "substandard".  As in, "You shouldn't want to keep your substandard plan anyway."

This is a rather slick tautology.  The plans are "sub-standard" in that they are below the legal standard -- the Obamacare standard.  So when people complain that they were kicked off their plan because it didn't meet the Obamacare criteria, it is a semantically null defense to say that the plan was "substandard".

Of course it is substandard.  Obamacare defined the standard, and that is the very thing about which people are complaining.

"Substandard" is particularly weaselly because in addition to having the precise meaning of being below the standard, it has a looser connotation of being of poor quality.  Not all substandard plans are of poor quality, but they'd like you to think so while repeating a technically accurate word.

And regarding idea that the POTUS "misspoke" (several dozen times), I think it's time the GOP bring back a word that was used effectively against Bush: "misled".