Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Reveal the Trick

Perhaps the best way to heckle a magician is to reveal his tricks. "It's up his sleeve!"  "There's a false bottom!"

And so too do I think Republicans ought to reveal some of Obama's rhetorical slights of hand, particularly closing tax loopholes.

It should go a little something like this:
"You know, [name of reporter], it's a funny trick the President is playing now by talking about tax loopholes, because Republicans have been talking about closing loopholes for months in the context of comprehensive tax reform. At the time he seemed to dismiss the idea. [chuckle] We're glad he's coming around on that issue. We'd be happy to talk with the President about closing loopholes in a revenue neutral way as a part of comprehensive tax simplification so we can stop picking winners and losers in the tax code and free up this economy so we can finally get some real growth and job creation."

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