Monday, February 11, 2013

About Rove's Project

Karl Rove wants to get involved in GOP primaries, citing the Buckley rule.

There's actually something to be said for that idea. The biggest problem is who would be running the show, and that's Karl Rove.  I really don't trust Rove to fully understand how people misapply the Buckley rule, and from my point of view Rove is too old-school (think median voter theory) to pull this off, even if there weren't enormous backlash against him personally.

AFP might have a better chance at getting this right.  They have base-voter credibility.

Related: Matt Lewis recommends candidate training. I endorse this idea.


I promised constructive ideas in my previous post.  You'll notice I haven't posted here since November.  That's because the most "constructive" thing I did was obtain my license to carry firearms, and that's not especially constructive.

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