Saturday, October 13, 2012

Will Obama lose because of Libya?

Is the Obama administration finally losing credibility among people who pay merely the slightest bit of attention?

Some extremely rare kudos go to the media for re-engaging on this story. The way this was playing out for the first two weeks, I was sure this was going to be swept under the rug. Perhaps all the public shaming had some effect. (So noted.)

I know major polls have finally switched over to LV rather than RV models, and Romney got a bit of a boost from the first debate, but with the Romney's numbers looking substantially better, I wonder if this Benghazi business has crept into the collective consciousness a little bit. Perhaps the public is finally starting to see, at the very least, that Obama is a political animal, not a god on earth.

I'm not saying people are voting on the Libya issue.  I'm saying it's gotten into their heads that the emperor might not be fully clothed.

Shame it took a dead ambassador to make it happen.

Biden's shamelessness in the Veep debate surely didn't help.

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