Sunday, February 12, 2012

We told you so

At what point do conservatives get to say “we told you so”?

Just like we told you the porkulus wouldn't work (-and it hasn't), and we told you that the Dodd-Frank bill wouldn't really reform financial oversight (-and it hasn't), etc., etc....

We told you Obamacare would lead to the loss of freedoms, and now it has.

[Edit 2/19/2012 - I told you so very explicitly over two years ago on this very blog.]

I have no sympathy for Senator Casey or any other Catholic and/or “conservative” Democrat legislator who voted for Obamacare and now cries crocodile tears over this contraception diktat. The vote for Obamacare was a vote for a gargantuan piece of legislation that not one soul had read prior to its passage, to regulate and “reform” about a fifth of the US economy. It was a vote to place completely unprecedented discretionary authority in the hands of an unelected official, the Secretary of HHS. Folks, this is not the rule of law.

In what way are we surprised that Kathleen Sebelius gave Catholics the finger?

And this compromise, or accommodation, or whatever they're calling it is anything but. Nothing changes under the compromise plan. If anything, it only emphasizes how absurd Obamacare is that the President could think he could force private insurers to provide something for “free”.

Since we told you so before, let us tell you something else: The administration is equating “access to contraceptives” with “insurance plans that pay for contraceptives”. This is the slipperiest of slopes. This is a deliberate attempt to confuse negative rights with positive rights. A right to seek contraception has magically become the right to have somebody else pay for it. There is no logical termination of this line of argument. It will be used again and again for everything under the sun, bit by bit.

Remember who told you so.