Monday, September 05, 2011

What's all this about "vetting" Perry?

Look, I'm not trying to coronate the guy, and I think we've all seen how the whole political messiah thing works out, but I'm pretty much for Rick Perry at this point.

I don't quite get what all this business is about the frantic need to "vet" Perry.  Yeah, I'd like to see him perform in some debates, and I'd like to hear his answers to some tough questions.  But at this point I'm not sure what the big deal is that certain Republicans are having with him.  The guy has been governor for a heckuva long time.  It's not like he just rolled out of some Chicagoland Illinois Senate seat with no real record of accomplishments, or anything.

It's like this -- Romneycare is a dealbreaker, at least in the primary.  (Are people really surprised that the base finds Romney unacceptable?  Really??)  And I think Michelle Bachmann has pretty much failed her public "vetting".  Pawlenty dropped out, and I'm not drinking the Ron Paul Kool-Aid.  By process of elimination, that pretty much leaves Rick Perry unless for some reason Paul Ryan decides to have a change of heart.

Sure, he has some klunkers in his record, notably the Guardasil snafu.  And the Time magazine pre-hit piece from late June does reveal certain problems with the Texas Enterprise Fund and Texas Emerging Technology Fund programs.  (On the whole, however, Texas' job creation record is nothing short of phenomenal.)  But the ironic thing about the Time piece is that it inadvertently reads like a to-do and not-to-do of job creation.  DO make your laws business-friendly.  DON'T create slush funds to pick winners and losers.  Isn't that pretty much exactly the opposite of what Obama and the Democrats did?

(Don't even get me started on that whole Sharia/dhimmi thing with Ace of Spades vs Pam Geller and Robert Spencer.  Ace wins that hands-down, and I think Pam needs pharmaceutical help.)

So, yes - I like the idea of Rick Perry more than I like the actual Rick Perry.  But I still like the real Rick Perry better than I like anybody else at this point.  To answer the haters who think that I'm just jumping on a bandwagon without looking, I'm going into this Perry thing with eyes open.  He's just a guy, not a god.  I get it.  I just happen to like him best right now.  Get a grip.

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