Wednesday, May 04, 2011

So we're back to dithering now?

I say we should release the bin Laden photo(s), but I understand the argument against it.  What's really confusing and irritating is the high level of public anguish displayed by the Obama administration.  You might even say Obama is "dithering" about the decision.

All this "will they or won't they release it" stuff is idiotic.  I'm not sure if I was hearing the TV correctly, but folks on a certain "forward leaning" channel seemed to suggest that the public anguish over this issue was being done with the explicit purpose of showing how seriously the administration was taking the decision.

But in the grand scheme of things, the photo-release decision is not especially consequential. If they don't release the photo, some whacky folks might not believe OBL is really dead -- but then again those are the mostly same folks who wouldn't believe it even if they did see a photo.  On the other hand, some whacky folks might be offended or incited by the photo -- but those people are always finding reasons to be offended or incited regardless of what we do.

I've seen people speculate that the OBL take-down sealed Obama's 2012 re-election victory.  I maintained that the OBL success wouldn't really affect Obama's long-term political trajectory.  Little did I know that the forward-momentum established by the administration wouldn't survive the actual OBL story.

Stop dithering, Obama.

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