Sunday, February 06, 2011

Professor Cornpone's Huckabee-ish Class and Culture Warfare

I've been saying since 2008 that Huckabee was a poor facsimile of Newt Gingrich, though I never thought I'd see Newt sinking to a Huckabee-esque level of absurdly vulgar class warfare.

Newt thought it would be a great idea to slam "big city attacks" on rural areas.  "Every time farmers start to do well, somebody starts to attack them." -- "Why are we attacking farmers for being productive?"

The sick thing is, I am actually sympathetic to one of Newt's major ethanol proposals (-a flex-fuel mandate for autos), but I can't stand his blatant demagoguery of this issue.  Misleading attacks on the motivations of major elements of the conservative coalition are not to be tolerated.  This is every bit as bad as Huckabee's "Club for Greed" nonsense.  Newt, if you ever had a chance to be a real Presidential candidate, you blew it by so carelessly slandering opponents of our ethanol policy as being malevolent and uninformed.

Good job, Professor Cornpone.


Samay said...

Demonizing the cities has worked many times before, and is excellent for bringing out the vote in the far suburbs, where people like to pretend they're rural while still enjoying the benefits of urban/suburban living.

And if it works, people are going to keep using it.

JoeCollins said...

I know it happens all the time, and frankly there is some genuine culture clash between rural and urban areas, but it doesn't have to devolve into what Newt was doing. Gun issues are a pretty serous urban/rural conflict, for instance. But on economic issues it is extremely dangerous for Republican candidates/officials to be denigrating free-market positions on grounds of malevolence and greed.

Newt was really reaching low. He's smart enough to argue policy without going there. Huckabee isn't.

Like I said, his actual policy, if you listen to the audio at one of those links, isn't as bad as the Journal made it out to be. He doesn't seem to be overly supportive of ethanol subsidies, though he is supportive of E15, which is a pretty horrible policy.