Tuesday, February 01, 2011

GOP Still Not Connecting the Dots on Jobs

Rarely do I agree with Chuck Todd, but...

Jan 31 Meet The Press (bold added):

MR. TODD:  ...a couple of Cabinet agencies merged, a couple of other agencies.  It'll be symbolic whether it actually is a big change.  But this idea of entitlement thing, I want to say one thing, Republicans have lost--somehow have let the White House own the jobs message in this last month.  And I don't understand how they let that happen.  They focused on health care.  They're talking about spending cuts.  They're talking about the debt.  Things that do matter to their base, but they've got to be careful here.  They're not, they're not, there's not an obvious jobs plan coming out.

MR. MURPHY:  That's true.  But, you know, he has the big microphone of the State of the Union.

MR. TODD:  And he used it.

MR. MURPHY:  So his jobs rhetoric is great.  The reason he's still in political jeopardy is his jobs results are not great.  He is not perceived yet as a great economic manager, and that's going to be the battle for the presidency.

MR. GREGORY:  And I still think this debate over what role the government plays in, in winning that and turning that around.

There's a lot to this, and it's a much bigger problem than some realize.  A lot of people are looking for "a plan".  This is an inherently un-conservative idea.  The conservative jobs plan is "Stop the Insanity".  Regular folks understand that blowing out the deficit to build windmills and dog parks isn't going to create jobs, but they don't necessarily understand the contrapositive sentiment, that it is beneficial to job creation to avoid squandering money on wasteful programs.

If Obama's jobs plan is all sizzle and no steak, then the GOP jobs plan is a freshly butchered carcass, unfit for immediate consumption.  Some further preparation of the message is necessary.

Yes, all of the things Chuck Todd listed are part of the "jobs" story.  Aside from its prima facie repulsiveness, Obamacare is a job destroyer.  Spending, taxation, and debt are all ultimately about our economic health (and therefore jobs-related concerns), but it wasn't that long ago that GHW Bush derided "voodoo economics".

It's not enough that Obama's plans haven't worked (and won't).  Republican spin-meisters must explain as simply as possible why they are bad ideas, and why Republican ideas are better.  Do not take basic economics for granted.  Connect the dots.

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