Friday, December 03, 2010

Roundup: Casey Challengers, Coburn, DeMint, Dems, AEI

(1) Potential challengers to Bobby Casey are starting to come out of the woodwork. Lilik has the scoop on what some are calling a "Ron Johnson"-like challenger, John Moran. I would not normally pay a lot of attention to a geographically challenged candidate who is not a career pol, but the comparison to the uber-high-quality candidate Johnson caught my eye. If the primary field becomes crowded (as it did in the 2010 Lt. Gov. primary), and if we get both Gerlach and Dent in the mix, a high quality central-PA candidate might just have a chance. (Also, don't dismiss State Sen Jake Corman just yet. He is definitely taking a hard look at this, and he has the potential to raise a ton of coin.)

(2) Senator Coburn's sobering remarks to the debt commission:

(3) Jim DeMint seems not to understand strategy, pledges not to oppose Senate GOP incumbents.

(4) What if Dr. Seuss drew Star Wars?

(5) Quote of the Day is from Tim Carney:
Which is more amazing: That liberals are willing to hike taxes on small business during 9.8% unemployment? Or the passion they feel for it?
(6) Check out the AEI debate between Rep. Paul Ryan and NYT-er David Brooks. I think Brooks' point about rejecting the dichotomy between sort of a Rand-ian laissez-faire and Euro-socialism is worth pondering, but I'm not buying his assessment that the Obama-crats aren't Euro-socialists, and apparently the audience didn't buy it either.

(7) You might think it's funny, but it's snot: Mucus affects your sense of smell.

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