Tuesday, December 07, 2010

The Real Problem With Joe Scarborough

I can forgive most of Scarborough's individual political heresies. For instance, I disagree with his stance on the war in Afghanistan in particular and military spending in general, but in that respect I can't say that he's in uncharted territory for a conservative worthy of the moniker. The problem is that if Joe doesn't take the orthodox position, nobody else on that channel is going to. And if you're going to play the role of the token conservative, it would be nice if the orthodox Republican positions got a little more respect a little more frequently.

Joe will gripe about the troops being in Afghanistan then look across the table at Pat Buchanan (a “conservative” who thinks WWII wasn't really necessary) for support. To those in the audience whose only exposure to conservative thought is “Morning Joe”, Scarborough represents the entire universe of rational conservatism. And if a good ol' Southern boy like Joe from the “Redneck Riviera” doesn't think the GOP has it right, by golly they must be out of their gourds!

Yes, Joe, we get it.  You were in the class of 1995.  You were there, man.  But I don't care if you have the Contract with America tattooed on your posterior, the great Joe Scarborough is not the One True Arbiter of conservatism.

Maybe my problem is as much MSNBC corporately as it is with Scarborough, but somebody ought to be around to make the orthodox Republican case now and again on Scarborough's show, even (-or perhaps especially) if Scarborough doesn't agree.  (And no, Pat Buchanan doesn't count.)

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