Monday, November 29, 2010

The Bircher Zombie Apocalypse

It's back. The John Birch Society, that is, and it is attempting to infect the Tea Party.

By all logic, the JBS should be dead.  They were bonkers, they were exposed, they were purged, and they were forgotten.  And yet, the contagion spreads.

This re-animated corpse is impossible to reason with.  It might be one thing if they disavowed their insane conspiracy theories, but they haven't.  They continue to engage in revisionist history about the Buckley-Welch purge, they still cling to Welch's theory of President Eisenhower as a Communist abettor, they entertain other crackpot ideas such as the "North American Union" conspiracy theory (PDF), and they promote the distinctly unconstitutional idea of state nullification of federal law (Word DOC). 

The bigger problem with the Birchers (and other conspiracy theorists such as the Birthers and the Fed Plunge Protection Team folks), is not only the communicability of their troublesome ideas, but that their existence undermines serious criticism of government policy, institutions, and wayward politicians.

The Tea Party movement suffers enough handicaps and impediments. If the JBS manages to blight the Tea Party it could very quickly be the undoing of the movement.

Somebody put this shambling relic out of its misery before it does any more damage to Conservatism.  And for heaven's sake, don't let them go to CPAC again.

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