Monday, September 27, 2010

Roundup: Reapportionment, Katy Perry, Coffee Party, Biz Bill, Borgish Jewelry

(1) PA is set to lose one Congressional seat in the upcoming reapportionment.  I'm just surprised it wasn't more than one.

(2) Ace wrote an absolutely spot-on critique of Katy Perry's over-sexualization of tween girls.  Simply put, there's a difference between adult-themed music made for adults, and adult-themed music made for little girls.

(3) Coffee Party is a bust.  Didn't all the major newspapers tell us the Coffee Party was the next big thing, capable of countering the Tea Party?

(4) Remember that small business bill Obama was so high on?  Yeah, it's really not all that popular among business or bankers.  Which really only makes sense -- why tax business with one hand and redistribute with the other?  Just cut out the middle man.

(5) Apparently the fine line between high fashion and Borg is being blurred:

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