Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Boredom, Message Discipline, and the GZ Mosque

There's a lot of finger pointing on the right about the danger of getting off our economic message and being distracted by this Ground Zero Mosque situation. 

It's the bloggers.  Or the professionals.  Or Sean Hannity. 


I think the first cause of this distraction is sheer boredom with the onslaught of bad -- nay, "unexpectedly" bad -- economic news.  I mean, we've won the economic debate, right?  How much more can we talk about the massive failure of the Democrats' economic agenda?  The porkulus.  Cash for Clunkers.  Trade.  Public sector unions.  The stagnation.  The malaise.  Paul Krugman's acute need for professional mental heath care.

It's going beyond boredom -- it's depressing.  (Pass the bourbon, please.  Knob Creek, if you have it.)

The second, though I think lesser, contributing factor is the high-school debate factor, the desire to be right at all times.  Even as I write here about the irrelevancy of the GZM issue, I'm fighting back the urge to lay out my opinion, to criticize the hypocrisy of folks like Howard Dean for thinking the GZM shouldn't be built while simultaneously accusing Republicans of religious incitement...

But I know that's not a voting issue.  ~10% unemployment is a voting issue -- THE voting issue.

I'm just so sick of thinking about it.

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