Friday, June 04, 2010

Just 51% of the Stimulus Has Been Paid Out

Can we call this a failure yet?

Screen capped from --

(163+109+130) / 787 = 51.08%

The whole point of a stimulus is to actually spend the money.  I go back on my previous analysis that the US Government became the biggest "cash hoarder" on the planet by borrowing the money, locking up that resource then not spending it.  In the name of Keynes, they committed the greatest Keynesian sin of all.


Samay said...

Shouldn't all of the tax benefits have been used by now, being about a year since stimulus passed?

Oh wait, Boehner insisted on "long term tax breaks" as stimulus, of course it's not going to get paid out.

JoeCollins said...

Seeing as how zero House Republicans voted for the stimulus I don't see how any of this is Boehner's fault.