Saturday, June 12, 2010

The A-Team: Nostagic Fun

In these increasingly frequent remakes of campy 70s and 80s shows, the writers need to decide how serious or how parodic to make the new edition. On the more serious end you find Battlestar Galctica. On the other end we find Land of the Lost or Dukes of Hazzard. The A-Team tried to strike a balance somewhere near the original, which is to say not entirely serious, but not really a parody either. For the most part it was just a fun walk down memory lane.

Bradley Cooper as Faceman was the best cast character, followed by Liam Neeson's slightly dry rendition of Hannibal. The other two iconic parts were impossible to cast. Quinton Jackson's B. A. Baracus was passable, but nobody can fill Mr. T's shoes.  I do have to give Jackson credit for trying, and he may have a post-UFC semi-retirement in B-grade action flicks in his future.  Sharlto Copley (District 9) captures Murdoch's insanity pretty well, but his South African accent bleeds through.  My fears about Jessica Biel being a distraction were overblown.

I really want to quibble with things like the Budweiser product placement in Iraq -- I'm pretty sure alcohol isn't allowed in US military facilities in Iraq -- but it's hard to get too upset about realism when we see the guys trying to fly a tank later.  They may have overdone the Michael Bay-esque explosions near the end, but overall it was just a pleasantly shticky picture.

If you enjoyed "The A-Team" on TV way back when, check it out.  And maybe watch for a sequel.

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