Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fire Them

Ace's roundup of PA-12 is pretty darned good, and this bit by Nate Silver caught my eye:

But make no mistake: there are garbage cans being kicked, and consultants being sworn at, at NRCC headquarters right now. And the Republicans may need to engage in some self-reflection about whether nationalizing the race will be the optimal strategy in each of 50 distinct states and 435 distinct Congressional Districts.

A big problem Republicans have is that nobody ever gets fired.  Yeah, they're swearing and kicking trash cans, but the same jerks will be hired back to do the same stupid shit they always do.  Evidence: they've done it several times now just since Obama's been in office.  Obviously the words "lesbian bondage club" have to be in national headlines for anybody to get fired.

Fire their asses.  There's no shortage of neurons in DC, and your guys probably aren't nearly as smart as you or they think they are.

Democrats have this problem too, at least to some extent.  How many Presidential campaigns has Bob Shrum botched?  I mean, seriously -- who says, "Hey, this guy is really due, huh?"  Oh, John Kerry, that's who.  I guess Kerry really was that stupid.

UPDATE 11/19 ~1108pm:

Oh look, the WSJ agrees with me:
It's probably too late in the campaign season to replace party leaders, but someone needs to invite new thinking, and perhaps fire all the highly paid consultants. Tuesday's defeat shows that November is going to be a hard fight, and the stakes are too high for Republicans to follow three-time losers.


Yeggo said...

PA-12 shows the GOP needs to adjust, and fast. No more living in Rasmussen World. No more talk of 100-seat swings, no more setting the bar at “takeover or bust.” Going to be hard to explain to an already fractured base anything short of your own expectations for November.

Samay said...

The Gingrich -> Bush era of GOP complacency has led to a lot of people getting jobs based on who they know, not talent.

Once those people start losing their jobs, the party should be able to find its way again. No need to split between "the base" and "party insiders" anymore.

JoeCollins said...

I'd agree more about the Bush era than the Gingrich era, but maybe I'm just saying that because Newt himself was a much better communicator and policy guy than Dubya ever was.

Samay said...

Oh, I meant that the GOP was powerful for a period of time that went from Gingrich to Bush, during which time the party was captured by insiders more interested in power than policy - exactly what's happening to the Democrats right now *cough*Larry Summers*cough*

JoeCollins said...

Yeah, Larry Summers is a big problem.

I'm also bothered quite a bit by the Financial Regulation stuff. Congressmen are going on TV deriding "derivatives" generically when most of them don't even know what that means, or how expansive a universe of financial instruments that covers.