Thursday, March 11, 2010

Roundup: Reconciliation, Salt, Earmarks, Massa, Mozart

(1) Yes, reconciliation is a rather rare and extreme procedure:

The bottom line is that using reconciliation as an end-around to avoid filibusters is exceedingly rare, having happened at most 7 times since 1980. Of those 7 cases, all were budget or tax measures. So, using reconciliation to avoid a supermajority on health care reform would simply be unprecedented.
(via Federalist Paupers)

(2) Oh look, the Nanny State is trying to ban salt in restaurants. Not label, not limit, but ban entirely.

(3) The House GOP has finally gotten the word and unilaterally forsworn all earmarks. I've been calling for this since November of 2008.

(4) Pelosi knew about the Massa accusations earlier than they'll admit. (Tickle fight!) Looks like a mini-Foley in the making... if anybody bothers to report it.

(5) Why you've never really heard the Moonlight sonata.


Anonymous said...

I thought California would be the nanny state...


JoeCollins said...

The nanny state is like "The Man". It's a bigger concept than any one particular state.