Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Roundup: Palin, Healthcare, Oil, NY23, and Betty White

(1) Another Palin non-scandal -- Reports that Sarah Palin used to cross the border into Canada for health care are... completely irrelevant.  At the time of the occurrence, Yukon did not have socialized medicine, so this an entirely unremarkable event.

(2) Obamacare is reminding me more and more of Plato's Republic - start with an intellectually pure idea (that may or may not be a good idea), and browbeat and manipulate the heck out of society to make the system "work".  In the Republic, this led to mass indoctrination, rigged lotteries, and eugenics.  Obama's Republic will merely lead to unemployment and suffering.  Today's demonstration of this is the employer mandate.  In order to keep employers from dodging the mandate by only hiring part time work, the Prez wants to extend the mandate over part time employees.  Of course, this would be massively distortive to the labor market -- poor and minorities hardest hit.  Another case of sawing off the bottom rung of the ladder.

(3) My co-blogger at PAWatercooler Lisa Mossie notes that the presence Hope-N-Change seems to make the recent rise in the price of oil governed by supply and demand, whereas under Dubya it was greedy oil companies and other bad actors.

(4) Doug Hoffman is going back for seconds in NY-23.  I wonder if there is a better candidate.  Hoffman was the vessel for anti-Dede sentiment, and was fine for that purpose.  But I don't think he's ideal, and I've thought so for some time.

(5) Betty White on Saturday Night Live -- Could be fun.


Anonymous said...

It also seems like Palin was only 6 when it happened...


JoeCollins said...

There's that too.