Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Weakest "Gotcha" Ever

Seriously, I don't get the whole thing about Palin writing on her hand.  There's supposed to be some great irony that she wrote on her hand and criticized Obama for his teleprompter addiction, but those two things aren't remotely in the same ballpark. 

The prompter issue is about Obama's need to read verbatim every word that comes out of his mouth, lest he sound like a rambling fool.  Palin cribbed a few bullet points. 

I don't get it. 

Maybe it's déclassé to write on one's hand.  Is that it?  Whatever.


-y said...

I think its partly because Palin is so polarizing. You either like her and will defend anything she does, or you hate her will deride anything she does. From my POV its funny because her bullet points were so weird. She needed to write down "lift American spirits"?

But then I'll admit that I really hate folksy politicians. We don't need a professor lecturing us? Yes we do. We need a leader. We don't need a regular guy or girl in charge. Great leaders don't relate to everyday people, they should be extraordinary.

JoeCollins said...

Palin does have a polarizing effect, which makes it all that much more difficult to express a nuanced position about her. I frequently quote something conservative writer Jim Geraghty wrote, which was, "[T]here’s room in this world for a profile that is critical of Palin, but that preferably didn’t begin with the supposition that she is the root of all evil in the political world."

I'm not overly fond of folksy pols, though mostly because it's usually fake folksiness, which I don't think is the case with Palin. Whether her genuine folksiness a good thing or a bad thing, eh...

While I do wish Palin would display a little more polish, from my perspective the greater danger is from those who are overly impressed with their own intelligence. Great leaders can do some greatly horrible things. She's not nearly as dumb as her critics say, and Obama's not nearly as smart as his proponents (and some of his critics) say.

"Lift American spirits" -- she's trying to remember her talking points. I guess I go back to "so what?" There was some complete thought in her mind attached to those particular words.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Joe. Her personality drives me nuts, and her statements often leave me flabbergasted. I don't think she's the root of all evil, but I do feel she resonates strongly with a cross-section of American culture that runs almost antithetical to my own beliefs.

As for the hand thing, an unfortunate side-effect of being folksy is that sometimes she gives the impression of being ill-prepared. I know she doesn't have a team of advisors or handlers, but too frequently she reminds me of myself answering a question in a class for which I hadn't done the assigned reading. I don't understand why she had to check her hand after receiving a question. We saw what was written there - a few broad ideas and one-word talking points. How could those have possibly served as an aid in formulating a response? (Well, Professor DiPiero, um, let me - uh - check my notes here...).

That said, I thoroughly agree that the hand/teleprompter comparison is completely ridiculous. She gets subjected to a lot of bullshit (taxes on a cabin? oh no! she didn't report the updates, just like EVERYONE ELSE in that area. Alert the presses!), and sometimes it looks like people are searching for any reason to "zing" her.

So, like Obama without a teleprompter, I'm rambling and don't have much of a point.


導暑紀時 said...
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Anonymous said...

Well then - according to google translator:

"Its impossible to fight for something, it is better value to use his good self-owned"


"Their fight for things that can not be better to use their own good since the value owned by"


JoeCollins said...

Heh. Thanks for the translation Mike.

And.... deleted.