Monday, February 01, 2010

The Paul and Arianna Show

Finally looked at the Jan-31 "This Week" on ABC (w/ Baba Wawa this time -- I do hope they eventually give it to Jake Tapper).

How surreal was it watching Arianna Huffington confront Roger Ailes about the "paranoid style" at Fox?!  I had to rewind the video for that one.  Like she has any room to talk.

Yeah, Glenn Beck can go over the top sometimes. Not unlike, well, this guy -- a never-ending fount of verbal diarrhea (though not nearly the worst case of it on that network):

 Ah, yes. The GOP, just like the Khmer Rouge.  Not even remotely paranoid.

Also amusing, Paul Krugman's insistence that the American electorate is ill informed (as evidenced by its rejection of Obamacare).  Such astonishing arrogance, made all the more amusing by evidence that Republicans are better informed about current events than Democrats.  This confirms findings from other surveys, including my own conclusions from the National Election Studies data.  Most interestingly, given what he said about the subject, I'm not sure Paul Krugman himself understands what was in the bill.

The voice of reason in all of this mess was Roger Ailes, making an unprecedented appearance on a rival network.  Ailes wisely cautioned against over-interpreting the election results from Massachusetts.

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