Monday, February 08, 2010

Intertubes Round-up

Stuff I've seen on the 'net recently:

(1) "Republican Group to Promote Conservative Ideas" - Sadly, this actually constitutes news, as it seems there really aren't (m)any Republican groups (per se) that advance conservatism.  Formed to exploit the recent campaign finance ruling in the Citizens United case, the American Action Network is modeled after the lefty Center for American Progress.

(2) Mark Cuban: Keep it simple, stupid - ditch the regulatory and tax reporting nightmare in order to spur business and job growth.

(3) George Will dreams about a Mitch Daniels / Paul Ryan administration.  I want some of whatever George is having.

(4) Washington Times reports that stymied investigations into the Justice Department's bizarre dismissal of the Philadelphia Black Panther voting intimidation case.... are the fault of Congress for not giving the inspector proper authority.  While this may be true, it hardly absolves the Holder Justice Department from botching the case.

(5) In lieu of the promised conclusion of my State of the Union analysis, I give you "16 Lies in 7 minutes":

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