Sunday, January 03, 2010

Thoughts on the Underwear Bomber

We're told there was no "smoking gun" on the panty bomber case. That is, unless you count his dad turning him in, and the irregularities causing the UK to deny him entry, and his cash-bought ticket to the US, where he was taking no luggage. But other than that there were no smoking guns...

I maintain that Janet Napolitano's performance as DHS secretary has been wanting, but as others have pointed out, the undie-bomber case is as much a bungle of the State Department as anybody for failing to revoke his visa. But that would turn peoples' eyes toward Hillary Clinton, who maintains a Biden-esque undeserved aura of competency that is unlikely to be challenged. Few will point the figure at State when there is such a convenient scapegoat in the more obviously incompetent Napolitano. Realistically however, it was a bureaucratic failure that could have happened just as easily under Powell or Rice. State has been "rogue" for decades now, and is in need of some serious clean-up.

... And now State is closing up shop in Yemen. Strikes me as a bad move, but I could be wrong about that.

I don't begrudge Obama his vacation. (Let the man golf.) But did ABC have to dutifully report that he was leaving early because he had so much to do in DC? ABC World News under Diane Sawyer has morphed into something worse than the mere neglect and group-think it suffered under Gibson. Obviously BO and his handlers noticed the public didn't react well to Obama's nonchalant initial response and changed their tune quickly. Yeah, he's leaving early... over a week after the attempted bombing. Media FAIL.

As a footnote, this initial downplaying of possible Al Qaeda/panty-bomber ties reminds me of an abuse of language that occurred with the Hasan/Ft. Hood incident. With Hasan, people asked if it was "terrorism". Of course it was "terrorism" -- the better question is whether it was "international terrorism" or "organized terrorism" such as AQ. (Maybe "War on terrorism" isn't especially accurate, but it's a heck of a lot clearer than "man-caused disasters" and overseas contingency operations or whatever the O-bots are calling it these days.)


Anonymous said...

Someone thinks Biden is competent?


JoeCollins said...

I got that impression. Mostly from nobody ever questioning him, and that whole Veep thing. Nobody I know thinks he's competent, but I'm probably not the most politically representative person on the planet.

Mike, surprised you didn't jump at "Damn it, Janet".

Anonymous said...

It was noticed and appreciated, but I didn't think I had any worthy response.