Sunday, January 31, 2010

KSM trial moving

Finally, folks are starting to realize that there is some real tension between "our ideals" (as defined by President Obama) and our security.  KSM will almost certainly not be tried in New York.  At this point I don't think a Gitmo trial is out of the question. 

But I keep seeing the administration justifying the civilian trial process by looking back at seemingly successful Bush-era civilian trials. 

(1) Just because Bush did something doesn't make it right, or a good idea.
(2) Just because Bush did something doesn't mean you can do it more aggressively and still blame Bush.
(3) It's KSM, for Pete's sake!  Obama/Holder have it backwards, try the high-ups in tribunals, and if you want to put some low level schmucks in civilian court go ahead.

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