Monday, December 21, 2009


The strategy seems clear enough -- pass something, anything, as a "starter home" with a "good foundation", and expand it later. Never mind the overwhelming public disapproval of the bill, such things are transient. The ratchet of statism seems to turn only one way.

This, Howard Dean does not understand. They are killing health care in order to "save" it. Dean's right, a bunch of mandates without any expanded competition mechanisms or realistic price controls is a recipe for disaster. Within a decade the public will be begging for socialized health insurance -- that's what Dean and Kos don't understand.

Kos thinks independent voters went for Obama and the Democrats in 2008 because they wanted health care reform (specifically the Dem version) and a wrap-up of Afghanistan. Kos is delusional. Base voters like himself may have voted that way, but swing voters were focused on the economy. There's this fantasy among Dem partisans that Hillarycare became an electoral disaster for them because it wasn't passed. No, it was a disaster because it was attempted.

Ben Nelson? Bought on the cheap. The "cornhusker kickback" deal will eventually vanish. Senator Conrad said as much on FNS when he said they could not bind future Congresses to such a deal.

Oh, and thank you, ABC News, or not even reporting the "kickback" on that the evening the deal was struck, and running with the abortion language compromise as the catalyst. Obviously it was necessary to report on the epic global warming snowfall that struck the east coast for an extra 40 seconds rather than report accurately on the most significant piece of legislation in a generation.

I'm oddly shocked and not shocked by this turn of events. I'm shocked that the Democrats would have such contempt for public opinion as to completely overrule it, with utter disregard to their 2010 and 2012 electoral prospects. And yet, it's always been the M.O. of the hard Left to force "progress" and wait for social re-normalization. Why am I surprised?

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