Monday, November 16, 2009

Quick Palin-Oprah Reaction

Some disjointed thoughts:

Palin as talk show host? Could be a good move. Her speech pattern is still quite choppy, which she could possibly improve upon through daily practice on a radio or TV show. It wouldn't be nearly as smooth a transition as Huckabee had, but it would give her a regular national audience apart from her Facebook page.

Palin as 2012 Prez candidate? I'm finding it hard to imagine a chain of circumstances that would make that a good idea.

Alternatively, what about Palin for Congress? Would Alaskans even elect her to the position after her resignation as Governor? If not, what chance would she ever have at a higher office? Assuming she gets elected and puts in a few good terms (n>=2) then maybe, maybe, think about higher office again.

As to who I believe more, the McCainers like Steve Schmidt and Nicolle Wallace versus Palin, I'm giving the nod to Sarah. The campaign's incompetence was on display for everyone to see, why should Sarah's accusations be the exceptions to the rule? Schmidt is asking us to believe that the McCain campaign was completely incompetent about virtually everything except the handling of Sarah Palin, which she alone botched. Uh, sure Steve.

Oh, and yes, Joe Biden got a complete pass from the media. I'm glad Sarah brought that up. The old white-haired dude who voted wrong on almost every military or foreign affairs issue for his entire career was just assumed to be capable. (By the way, how's Sheriff Joe doing on that stimulus? No so well, you say?)

The stuff about whether a woman can "have it all" was interesting. In a way, Palin is the strong example of family and feminism being complementary. She admits she couldn't have done it all without a supportive husband and strong extended family ties.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of Palin, you know that controversy over her Newsweek cover? I honestly thought they had run the porn cover from "Who's Nailin' Paylin" covered by the Gawker empire here

It wasn't until I read something on yahoo stating that it was a cover to Runner's Magazine or something that I realized it wasn't the porn parody. So, yeah, I'd be a little annoyed if I were Palin, too.


JoeCollins said...

It was tacky, to be sure. Sexist? Probably not.