Friday, November 13, 2009

Intertubes Round-up: Facepalm edition

Ode to the Facepalm... Just imagine me facepalming after each bit.


(1) They're trying KSM in a civilian court. In New York. What could go wrong?

(2) So the US Commerce Secretary says, "Trade agreements are going to have to wait." For what, you ask? "Right now, the administration is focused on a very aggressive and very tight legislative agenda." That's right, trade (i.e. jobs, the economy, etc.) is taking a back seat to Obamacare.

(3) No wonder Obama hasn't decided about troop deployments to Afghanistan, he's still noncommittal on Hiroshima.

(4) A majority of Americans say it is not the government's responsibility to make sure all Americans have health insurance. Also, a majority of Americans are in favor of the "public option". In other news, a majority of Americans may in fact be imbeciles.

(5) Hey, let's dig all of those Bushies out of the civil service.

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Anonymous said...

In reference to #1 - the Daily Show from Monday night when Jon Stewart gleefully imagines a scenario where KSM is released onto the streets of New York...


Anonymous said...

In reference to #4 - maybe we're imbeciles, but I'm really appalled that in less than 12 months, my health insurance premiums have been increased 3 times. Whereas coverage cost $130 a month when I started, it now sets me back over $200 (making for a $1,000 overall loss in annual income for a person who doesn't exactly earn that much) - these increases took effect despite my being in excellent physical condition and making virtually no claims.

Oh yeah, and they then proceeded to drop my doctor from their "in-network" coverage.

So...whether or not Americans are imbeciles, I have a very real understanding of the anger and frustration involved here.

And I know I'm speaking to someone who went on the "don't get sick" plan shortly after college...

(I won't tell the full story of my cousin's ass-hammering by the hospital which forced their child to go to the ER against the express wishes of the parents, then charged an obscene amount to 'observe' her even though no doctor or nurse ever entered the same room as the child.)


JoeCollins said...

The imbecility is about supporting essentially incompatible ideas, not necessarily the fact of supporting one or the other independently.

JoeCollins said...

I'm pretty much done talking substance about healthcare on this blog. I'm bored with it. Occasionally I see something vaguely "horserace"-like that strikes me, because at this point pretty much all the arguments have been made and remade and we're just down to counting votes and opinion polls.

KSM trial... acquittal is a non-zero possibility, but not really the biggest problem. Nat'l Security leaks and court security are. And of course, if he does happen to be acquitted, we'll still detain him indefinitely, and that's not going to look good. So basically, there's no real upside and a lot of potential downside.

Anonymous said...

RE 4 (ooooh, resident evil 4. good game): yeah, i know the two stances seem mutually contradictory, but it's such a frustrating situation that it's easy to get riled up and confused. plus, it's a great exercise in the power of phraseology. "public option" implies that you don't need to take it, that the government won't force you to take a plan, but you can choose it if you want. The government being "responsible" for something conjures up images of forcible acceptance of a plan.


Samay said...

Re: KSM and Mike's comment;

What are the odds he makes it 2 weeks in a New York Prison to get to his trial?

And if he does make it, I think the constant rape and beatings and lack of food will leave him a miserable shaking mess - a pretty sorry advicate for Al Qaeda.