Sunday, October 04, 2009

What's on Joe's DVR

Fringe has been excellent, and is probably the best show I'm watching right now. They did a great job picking up the intensity from last season's mind-blower revelation. Fringe is probably better than The X-Files was when The X-Files was still a good show. They even worked in a reference to "the X designation". Nice job.

Dollhouse is not working as well. The show really found its stride at the end of the first season, but didn't pick up on the intensity of last season like Fringe did. Some long-arc seeds have been planted, but Joss faces a conundrum -- If they're going to tease this bit about Echo "waking up" for the entire season it's going to get boring. If they actually have Echo "awaken", they're going to run out of show material by the end of the season. Given that the second season is probably the last season, I'd rather see it go out with a bang.

I haven't seen Flash Forward, but I hear good things. Should probably check that out.

The premier of the new NCIS spinoff didn't work for me. Not worth getting involved with. Probably has something to do with the fact that I don't like Chris O'Donnell. Generally speaking I'm not into cop/detective shows, but there was something about the original NCIS cast that clicked.

The Stargate Universe premiere was passable. The campiness was kept to a low roar, mostly the Richard Dean Anderson cameo scene, which was actually pretty appropriate. After the success of Battlestar Galactica it's pretty clear they're going for a grittier feel to the Stargate franchise. Could work. Sure there were plot holes big enough to drive a truck through, but it's just Sci-Fi SyFy Channel schlock -- what are we to expect, Masterpiece Theatre? I have to think this is the last incarnation of the show though -- they've pulled the old "let's turn it up to eleven" trick with the gate twice now.


Anonymous said...

Flashforward has been acceptable to me - it has high potential, but I'm also a little tired of ABC running to the "let's keep people guessing like in 'Lost'"-well again. I also enjoy that it has Harold/NewSulu.

Stargate Universe feels like it would have been much better without Robert Carlyle, and I don't like the young Lieutenant second-in-command, but it could be good. Have you noticed that they went from Deep Space Nine (Atlantis) to Voyager (Universe)? And technically, SG-1 was very similar to TNG. And let's not forget that SG-1 followed the original hokey movie with terrible hamming-it-up acting and ridiculous sets....hey...that sounds like ST:TOS! Not sure how they're going to pull an Enterprise in the stargate realm, but it's up next.

Original NCIS has entertained me for a few years, despite the fact that I originally hated it.

I'm a big fan of Supernatural and would normally recommend it for your DVR, but it would be hard to jump right in midway through the fifth season. Might as well pick up with first season on sale for 19.99 at some point. A very x-files type first season: uneven with some major highs...and some major lows, but with signs of growth centered around a strong duo (Mulder/Scully vs Sam/Dean).

Weirdly, I've been rewatching "Life" on Hulu. I'm still pissed about "The Jay Leno Show" causing Life to get cancelled. Friggin' bastards.

Anyway, Joe, in the words of Ernie Anastos: keep fucking that chicken.


JoeCollins said...

Yeah, I noticed "Stargate Voyager", but I hadn't thought about the DS9 parallel. Now, if they happen to pick up some hot native of the outer reaches of the universe (who perhaps has cybernetic implants and wears a spandex body suit...), then we can say the SG franchise has jumped the uber-shark with frickin' laser beams attached to its head.

Samay said...

I don't get the logic of the NCIS spin-off - if it's really based around the Navy, why base it in LA instead of the biggest Navy town in the country, San Diego?

Anonymous said...

I know I'm way past posting - but I've been watchign Stargate Universe on Hulu in quiet stretches while working nights this month and I've really been digging it so far (certainly ample plot holes- but that just puts the fi in scifi)