Friday, October 30, 2009

Micheletti Caves in Honduras

Obama "wins". Fausta has the details.

Reconciliation government, November elections honored, a generation of Hondurans feel the weight of completely unnecessary American interference.


Samay said...

you know, this was an issue where your blog really convinced me of something. Hopefully there will be elections soon where the "free will" of hondurans shows that they'd rather have micheletti than Zelaya.

I think the one thing liberals wanted here was for the military to not have stepped in, but I think Zelaya controlled the police too much for them to do anything.

JoeCollins said...

Neither Micheletti nor Zelaya are standing for election this time. (November elections.) I don't even know who the current candidates are, so at this I couldn't begin to put meaning to any potential results. I'm pretty sure Mecheletti and Zelaya were from the same party, so maybe it won't even be possible to divine any voter intention on the matter.

At the very least, the situation was complicated enough that we should have stayed the heck out of it. At worst, it was really misread by State and WH.

monica said...

I agree with Samay. hopefully Hondurans will soon have an intrusive election