Thursday, October 22, 2009

Koalas for Competition

Opponents of Obamacare need a mascot. Some sort of anthropomorphised critter with a funny accent. Say... a koala? Kangaroo maybe? Marsupials are pretty cute, maternal creatures, no? (Ok, maybe not all of them.)

MoveOn is running a celebri-tard ad promoting "competition" with the public option. Now, we don't believe for a second that it's really about competition, but if that's what they're going with, I think we need to meet them on that field of battle. Americans like competition. Competition is usually a GOP talking point, which the left has smartly coopted. They're using it because it works. Take it back from them.

Said spokes-creature should say something like, "Hey, you buy your car insurance from some lizard headquartered in Maryland, and he saves you money, right? If Congress wants more competition, why don't they allow competition across state lines? Then you'd have all sorts of people competing for your business. Like me. Or maybe that lizard fellow."

Interstate competition surely isn't the be-all/end-all of healthcare, but it's a potent rhetorical check against the bogus "competition" motivation for the public option.

Have the koala sell it. People will understand.


Samay said...

You can't really back competition unless you also back removing the anti-trust exemption from insurance companies.

Samay said...

Also, I'm torn on the ability to cross state lines.

On one hand, that really will do a lot to increase competition, especially with a presumably national public option.

But on the other hand, I don't think there's enough federalism right now, especially in economic affairs, and I'd like to see the states keep more powers with respect to something as important as healthcare.