Monday, October 19, 2009

Case Study in RINOism: The Chamber of Commerce

Ok, the Chamber isn't "Republican" and therefore is technically ineligible for a RINO designation, but who are we kidding?

The Chamber supported the $787-bil stimulus earlier this year. Now that the Chamber has found religion on "free enterprise" and is opposing Cap & Trade and Obamacare, the Chamber is finding it's old pal Barack Obama is less chummy.

Politico - White House plan: Neuter the Chamber

[Valerie] Jarrett said she requested a meeting with [Chamber President] Donohue when she first heard about the [Chamber's free enterprise] campaign months ago. At the meeting, she said, she brought up the Chamber’s support for the bailout of the financial system last fall and the $787 billion stimulus package passed earlier this year.

“How do ask for all that government assistance and then say you believe only in the free-market system,” Jarrett recalled asking Donohue. “And he really didn’t have an answer.”

The Chamber says that there’s no disconnect between its support of those economic rescue programs and its new campaign. Those programs, said Josten, were necessary to pull the country out of the deep recession.

“We in the rest of the business community put aside our normal free-market tendencies,” said Josten. “We stepped out of our box.”

What purpose does the Chamber serve at this point? They abandoned small/independent business long ago, capped off with their support for the stimulus, and Big Business is discovering that they can cozy up to His Magnificence, Barack H. Obama II without the intercession of the Chamber. Nike, Apple, and PG&E have left the Chamber. They lack a constituency and they lack a coherent message. Project "Neuter the Chamber" accomplished.

At what point did the Chamber think selling itself out on the stimulus would earn them any favor with the White House when it came to supporting business in this country?

How many companies pulled out of the Chamber over their support for the stimulus?

Attention NFIB, you have a great opportunity to eat some of the Chamber's lunch.

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