Sunday, September 13, 2009

Racism charges getting old

Frankly, the racism angle is reaching a laughable level of ridiculousness. Are so many people in denial about the genuine outrage against the Obama-Pelosi-Reid triumvirate?

There's this from CNN...


... and there's Maureen Dowd totally losing her shit about Joe Wilson. While I can't say that Wilson's outburst was conduct becoming of a member of Congress, it's hard to say he was exactly wrong when they subsequently meet to change the language of the legislation. How racist of Joe Wilson to speak truth to power! (And as if that were the only fib Obama told that evening, or even the biggest.)

And then there's this classic from a couple of weeks ago where MSNBC purposely edited out the fact that this particular gun-toting protester...

... was in fact black:

I guess that didn't fit the narrative of racist protesters who can't stand being governed by the black man.

Say what you will about "Faux News", there's zero credibility on the other side either.

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Anonymous said...

It's kinda funny that both sides are playing the racism card (and playing it poorly). I guess that's what happens when the president is half-white/half-black.