Thursday, September 17, 2009

It's bad when Frum lays into Obama

David Frum managed to stop making inane complaints about Republicans being too conservative long enough to notice that Obama is screwing up his foreign policy Big Time, pretty much all over the globe.

When Frum, known as a moderate squish, is this harsh on Obama, it's pretty bad.

It's not a faultless column -- it is Frum after all. He once again perpetuates the myth of brainy Obama being too smart to believe his own rhetoric: "It remains hard to believe that the sophisticated Obama can have much personal sympathy for trade protection."

Gee, I dunno. With a very small number of exceptions like prisoner rendition and indefinite detention, Obama's pretty much done exactly what he said he was going to do on all fronts. Posed as "trade protection", a few neurons in Barack's brahman brain might object, but rephrase it as environmental protection or human rights protection and it'll all go out the window.

But for Frum, this is pretty good.

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