Sunday, September 27, 2009

ABC pulling a "Kings" with "Defying Gravity"?

With only four episodes remaining in the first season, ABC has unexpectedly and inexplicably stopped airing the show. While there is some glimmer hope that they will air the last four episodes at some point in the future (like NBC did with "Kings"), the writing appears to be on the wall.

Another excellent show falls to inept marketing.

At least when I watch the schlock on SyFy I know they're going to finish the season. If SyFy can finish a season of the horrendous "Flash Gordon", ABC can finish the season of the much more captivating "Defying Gravity". Why do the major nets even bother exploring this stuff if they aren't going to get behind it?

Give me liberty a full season or give me death some crappy reality show!


Len F. said...

Hi Joe,

I hear you about "Defying Gravity." I want to see the remaining episodes, too. Just to clarify, don't get too frustrated with ABC. The network didn't create or order the show. It was produced for Canadian TV, and ABC picked it up as a mid-season replacement, making no promises. Still, I read recently that a spokesman for ABC (or maybe the show, I can't remember) said the network is committed to airing the remaining four episodes. The network just isn't sure when. I know that leaves us all guessing and makes it easy to lose interest, plus the prospects for season 2 are pretty dismal because the show hasn't done well in Canada. Still, we can hope.

I find it kind of curious that a conservative Republican would get into a show that promotes manned spaceflight. I didn't think conservatives thought manned spaceflight was a worthwhile way to spend taxpayer dollars. LOL.

I'm a liberal Democrat, so I guess if we can both agree that "Defying Gravity" rocks, then there's hope that we can all work together on bigger issues. We've got to in order to keep this country great.

Just my two cents.

Len F.
Arlington, VA

JoeCollins said...

Hi Len.

Well, the Antares program was substantially funded by private interests...

Hey, conservatives loved Battlestar Galactica! It got a fair amount of attention from National Review.

Spaceflight... now that it's no longer a cold war / arms race issue (and with the massive black hole in the budget) it seems nobody's much interested.

A guy can dream though, right?

Anonymous said...

I was hoping that the loss of Defying Gravity was somehow owed to football and therefore we would eventually get the remaining episodes. And as I mentioned earlier, and Len F. seems to have pointed out above, it's a joint affair - so just because ABC might be backing out doesn't necessarily mean the show won't be produced anymore.