Sunday, August 30, 2009

Minimal Wellstone-ing

Most of the "Wellstone" political martyr talk wasn't done by the Dem party or the Kennedy family, but by the media. Almost every news and quasi-news show reporting Ted's death mentioned health care within ninety seconds of mentioning his death. The service (from what I gather, I didn't watch it) was mostly tactful.

Except for this (via HotAir):

Let us pray for Obamacare... At the least, this is pretty tacky. But ya can't attack little kids, can you?


Anonymous said...

Let's see... ummm Kennedy was arguably the single most stalwart supporter of universal health care in the Senate for decades. The bill bares his name. He was passionate about it. It was one of his life's pursuits. He was a politician. So, don't mention any of that at his funeral. Huh. Funny.

Why is it that modern conservatives want to tell liberals how to mourn and bully them into doing what THEY want.


By your logic the martyring of Reagan when he died was wrong as well. (And, there was LOTS of it. Especially on Fox.)

No. wait. That's okay, right? Cause Reagan was a conservative.

JoeCollins said...

Reagan was a President. Reagan never killed, sexually harassed, or "sandwiched" any young women.

Ted Kennedy was a borderline traitor who was secretly talking with the KGB to undermine Reagan's foreign policy.

Acknowledging the man's passions is one thing. Children praying for domestic economic policy at a funeral is tacky. Period. Given the responsive nature of that prayer, anybody at that service was essentially coerced into joining in that prayer. Frankly, that's religiously offensive.

If there was a responsive prayer at Reagan's funeral for missile defense I must have missed it.

I didn't say the mourning was inappropriate. I certainly didn't think he warranted 3+ days of wall to wall television coverage of his various memorial services, but I have the power to switch off the TV and exercised that power.