Monday, August 03, 2009

Defying Gravity - Decent Start

Good enough that I'll watch again. How they handle the mystery cargo will make or break the show. If it goes too "Event Horizon" I won't be happy.

I was initially put off by the side remark about abortion being illegal in the future and needing just a few Justices to reverse that "stupid law", but they managed to inject a little nuance when Zoe starts hearing/imagining a baby cry on the spacecraft.

Of course, it's another long-arc major network program -- and science fiction no less -- that probably isn't cheap to produce. So it will probably be canceled by the end of the first season.

The only semi-big actor is Ron Livingston of "Office Space". I recognized Laura Harris too (Dead Like Me, 24), but most of the cast are people I've never heard of. That'll help keep the budget down, but it wasn't enough for NBC's "Kings", so ABC had better get their promotional material right and build some audience. They probably ought to consider re-running the pilot at least once more to try to build audience based on word of mouth from the first run. If you don't hook 'em now the series is doomed.

Here's another one that should have launched on SyFy.

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