Friday, July 17, 2009

Winning message from Toomey

I read this headline and thought to myself, "Toomey gets it."

Toomey big on cutting taxes, not on saving big businesses
"For the amount of money they are spending in this so-called stimulus bill, you would be able to cut the taxes in half for a couple of years. That would give every worker an immediate take-home raise. It would make it less expensive for every employer to hire the next worker, and it would almost certainly provide much more stimulus than this bill that they passed."
From the context, it looks like Toomey is referring to a payroll tax holiday like the one championed by Lawrence Lindsey back in January.

Be the enemy of corporate welfare. That is exactly where the Republican party needs to go on economic issues. If big business can sell out the Republican party, the GOP can just go ahead and return the favor, taking the high ground while doing so.

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Jeff M said...

Remind me again why the Republicans backed Specter instead of this guy. Good choice guys, that was a great benefit to the country.