Monday, July 06, 2009


We heard quite a bit today about Obama and the START negotiations. I heard the word "breakthrough" used a lot. Not really.

Some other things that happened in Moscow were indeed notable, like Obama calling out Russia on the Georgia/Ossetia issue (finally), and the negotiation for use of Russian airspace in missions related to Afghanistan, and probably one or two other things I can't recall right now. Just not the nuclear disarmament issue. That was a complete no-brainer.

A nuclear stockpile costs a lot of money to maintain. Old missiles must be decommissioned and new ones built to replace them. Our own stockpile has been gradually diminishing as we replace fewer than we retire. And basically everybody is cool with that because we have more than enough nukes for a sufficient deterrent. Also, the Russians are in exactly the same position.

Everybody saves money, nobody loses any real military standing in the world, leaders smile on camera, dutiful media reports on non-event.

This was the easiest arms agreement EVAH.

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