Thursday, July 02, 2009

RIP Mollie Sugden

a.k.a. Mrs. Slocombe


Thanks for the laughs.


Samay said...

Wow - there's a death that I really regret. She could do so much with a raised eyebrow and a "Yeeess?"

JoeCollins said...

I found this news on a blog run by an American ex-pat in UK, frequented by a healthy mix of Brits and Americans.

They were discussing how Are "You Being Served?" was rather low-brow, but put it on PBS and the accent magically transformed it into "culture". (They were dissing PBS, not "AYBS", which most of them seemed to enjoy.)

Still, I think it was better than the vast majority of US sitcoms.

(Were there any other more-or-less openly gay characters like Mr. Humphries in US shows during the same period?)

Apparently Wendy Richard (Ms. Brahms) died earlier this year, and John Inmam (Mr. Humphries) died in 2007.