Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Quote of the Day: Palin Two-fer

A double dose of QOTD, both in a deliciously sarcastic Politico column by Roger Simon, The Sins of Sarah Palin.

Simon responding to CNN's Rick Sanchez' speculation on a Palin pregnancy:
Could be, Rick. Or maybe it was just her time of month, because, hey, that’s why woman politicians make the decisions they do, right?

The second shot:
She is a dumb hick, a nobody from nowhere. She hunts moose with a chainsaw from the back of a snowmobile or something.


Samay said...

One of the problems with Palin is that only DC insiders thought that hunting moose and wolves(from a helicopter?) made Palin "authentic".

How many people in the lower 48 love moose or hunt wolves. Hell, even being a "hockey mom" means nothing to most people, especially in North Carolina and Indiana.

JoeCollins said...

"authentic" in the senses it is usually used... (1)Not a DC insider or career pol. (2) As she existed in her natural environment, as in "this Thai restaurant is very authentic".

But yeah, probably not "authentic" in the sense of people relating to her activities.

Though I will say that farmers back east (at least in PA) are trying to control the rapidly growing coyote population. They're not shooting them from helos, but they are shooting them.