Thursday, July 16, 2009

Expectations game

The Washington Post hails the GOP failure to "pin down" Sotomayor in testimony.

What a lose-lose situation for Republicans... nail her and be tarred as grumpy old racists. Let her skate, and you're a failure.

But if Republican Senators made her lie through her teeth, did they really fail to pin her down?

Lindsay Graham actually did pretty well with his questioning, as opposed to Franken (asking about Perry Mason) and Klobuchar (asking about the All Star game).


Samay said...

The whole "failure" part is deserved because right-wing pundits made a huge deal about how Senate Democrats "failed" by approving the incredibly-well-qualified John Roberts.

I think what people find objectionable is the same thing that happened to Palin - DC insiders look like they're picking on a fairly popular woman. Of course it's going to blow back on them, especially with women voters.

JoeCollins said...

well, with only 40 votes, the default position for the R's in the Senate is failure. Is that a headline every time something passes -- GOP fails to block XYZ?

Yeah, blowback is a possibility, both deserved and undeserved. But there really hasn't been significant blowback about Palin outside of her core base of worshipers. It's still very fashionable to bash her (even for soft Republican Peggy Noonan types), and Palin's numbers among independent voters don't look that great right now.

There are two competing voices in my head, one that says Sotomayor's about as academically and professionally qualified as can be found, and probably isn't any more ideologically unacceptable than any other potential Obama appointee.

The other voice says Republicans haven't been rewarded for civility in past court appointments. Bork, then the Thomas confirmation circus... then Clinton gets Ginsburg by a 96-3 vote, Bryer by 87-9... Dubya gets Roberts 78-22, Alito 58-42 amidst talk of filibuster. By the standard that Obama and the other 41 had for Alito, I want to vote against Sotomayor.

Could a former ACLU litigator like Ginsburg be appointed now? I sort of doubt it.