Friday, June 26, 2009

We are the transparency we've been waiting for

The most ethical, transparent government in the history of the universe dropped a 310 page amendment to the Cap&Trade bill at 1:34am today (Friday), the day it is intended to be voted on. (PDF)

This sort of thing has been done in Washington for years, but on a monster job-killing bill like this, this is a very dangerous intersection of arrogance and abuse of power.

I saw an administration lackey on the boob-tube this morning and she claimed she "didn't understand" the objections to the bill. Yeah, I can see how it would be hard to understand how taxing virtually every good and service in the nation might lead to some economic concerns. Good Lord, we're screwed.

Is this what the American people voted for?

EDIT - Apparently there wasn't even an official physical copy of the bill in the House chamber, and the bill itself had a placeholder in it. It was literally impossible to know what they were voting on because it was going to change after passage.

EDIT 2 - I find it interesting that the high volume of "no" calls actually crashed the House's phone system, yet they still passed it.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of abuses of power - I love Sanford - it's bringing back fond memories of the Clinton impeachment and the idyllic age when a bj was our countries biggest (no pun intended - I don't know Bill that way)problem and was considered cause for impeachment (via perjury)

Anonymous said...

That was Matt by the way

JoeCollins said...

Sanford also apparently used state funds for his tryst travel. He should go.

Matt, you'll probably find this interesting: