Monday, June 15, 2009

Round-up: #CNNFail edition

a.k.a. stuff I saw on the internet today

(1) Is Charlie Dent squishy on the supplemental? RedState thinks he might be.

(2) #CnnFail - Didja notice the utter lack of coverage this weekend about the Iranian election? (I guess that should be "election".) Twitter has finally found an honest-to-goodness use in propagating information on Iran. Find out how to get more timely info here and read about the pros and cons of Twitter as a news source on the HotAir blog.

(3) DDOS is evil. "Don't" DDOS any of the Iranian establishment websites.

(4) I'm pretty sure this is a sign of the apocalypse, the "anti-stab" knife goes on sale in Britain. (H/t to Eddie at DPUD) Good grief.

(5) The Northeastern sub-species of Republican may not be dead after all, or so says some poli-sci prof.

(6) Tea party organizer launches Senate bid in Arkansas.


Samay said...

Who on earth would buy an "anti-stab" knife? "Well, I might get drunk and try to stab someone, I'll get this one just in case"

And you can still slash someone pretty bad with one of those.

This is what doctors do while they're not blocking healthcare reform.

JoeCollins said...

UK is so anal retentive about knives that apparently you have to be a certain age (17, 18, 20, whatever the heck it is) to buy flatware. You can't buy a frickin' butter knife without ID. How pathetic is that?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of pathetic, this article on yahoo sure seems almost peculiarly harsh on Republicans.


JoeCollins said...

eh, not overly harsh. There are only one or two minor things I think were overdone. Overall it's pretty accurate.

[bender] We're boned! [/bender]

I guess we now know what Ensign was doing instead of working when he was NRSC chairman for the '08 election cycle.