Monday, June 08, 2009

Quote of the Day: Obamaesque

From a conservative who infiltrated a myBO health plan meeting:
As the discussion began, the meetings participants immediately began firing off questions about the details of the health care plan to Sandra and the other woman who was leading the event. For all of their enthusiasm these group leaders were completely incapable of describing the particulars of the Obama plan in any coherent way. What they did understand however was that Obama’s “public option”, the government run insurance program that Obama wants to create to compete with the private insurance companies, was the first step towards the entitlement that almost everyone in that room (based on the raising of hands at the beginning of the meeting) was really longing for. That being a European style “single payer” health care system. They also understood that part of their job as grassroots activist promoting the plan was to ensure people that the plan was not going to result in “single payer”. How Obamaesque.

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Skye said...

We need more reports from inside MyBO regarding the heathcare scheme they are trying to foist on the US public.