Friday, June 05, 2009

Intertubes Round-up

(1) Pelosi's favorability profile is comparable to Cheney's. Heh. I noticed the press stopped dogging Cheney for about 24 hours or so when he endorsed a federalist version of same sex marriage. The press quickly recovered from their shock and started beating on him again just as before. (He's still Darth Cheney, right? Yeah. Ok, good -- Carry on.)

(2) - Fascism! Barney Frank managed to get Government Motors to reconsider closing the plant in his district. Some animals are more equal than others, and GM won't be "run by the government". Sure.

(3) Soto -- I still expect Sotomayor to be confirmed, but it's interesting to see that this "wise Latina" stuff has some legs. Shame on Obama for trying to gloss over her remarks as an off-the-cuff misstatement when they were prepared ahead of time and delivered in some form or another over a period of years.

I don't particularly care that she was for Puerto Rican independence --that's a thorny subject and I don't have a strong opinion about it--, but I am a little put off by her persistent use of "North American Congress".

(4) I haven't said much about the so-called "torture memos" and the scrum between Cheney and the ex-CIA chiefs' claims that EITs worked and the few CIA employees who say they didn't work and weren't necessary. With more GOPers claiming they were in fact briefed on successful EITs, it's getting harder and harder for Democrats to claim they've proven a negative, which is always a hard thing to do even if you're right.

Since Nancy Pelosi is obviously a terrible, terrible liar, it's clear that she really believes all the other garbage she spews. And that is a scary thought.

(5) This chart has gone totally viral, but I'll share it anyway. This is what the Obama folks put out to try to sell the stimulus bill, and the red dots are what has actually happened to unemployment according to official numbers.

I think we all knew the passage of the porkulus bill -- which still hasn't been spent significantly -- wouldn't cause unemployment to miraculously turn on a dime. (Is it actually having the opposite effect?) It's like the liars at the White House aren't even trying to be credible. At least there weren't any unicorns on the chart.

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