Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

I'm not a father, but I did get a gift of sorts today.

My grandfather has advanced Alzheimer's disease and is barely verbal. Ask him a question and you'll likely get a "yes". Did you like that ice cream? Yeah. Would you like to stick a cockroach in your nose? Yeah. There was a time when it seemed like he recognized me, but those times seem to be gone now.

Dad and I went to visit him today, and I got a whole sentence out of him. He grabbed my hand, looked at me, smiled, and asked "How ya doin', old buddy?"

Awesome Father's Day.


Anonymous said...

That sounds fantastic. I'm glad you got that.


Vijay said...

That was a very awesome gift! It's amazing how the smallest things can have such a huge effect.

Samay said...

That's really nice.