Thursday, May 07, 2009

Shame on Tom Ridge

He couldn't just gracefully decline to run for Senate, he had to go on Tweety's show and bad mouth the party.

(Bill Pascoe's blog piece is interesting in its own right, but I'm citing it because he's summarized and partially transcribed the Hardball dialog.)

Ridge complained that the party wasn't inclusive enough on social issues, doing his very best Christie Whitman impersonation. Of course, the party was inclusive enough to send Ridge to Congress for a few terms, elect him Governor twice, and put up with Arlen Specter for nearly three decades (until he left).

Is this the same sort of intolerant Republican Party where a televangelist like Pat Robertson endorsed the very pro-choice, Planned-Parenthood-donating, public-funds-for-abortion, adulterer Rudy Giuliani?

But we've already put this baby to bed. Specter's departure was the direct result of a fiscal policy vote. Multiple generations of voters who had previously supported him were rejecting him over that vote. His opponent ran an organization that was involved solely with fiscal issues, not social issues.

To twist the knife, Ridge wouldn't commit to supporting Toomey in a Toomey versus Specter general election. I can see how he would hedge on the primary election given that Asher and Gleason are no doubt scrambling for another candidate, but to hedge on support in the general election? Who's acting in bad faith and being exclusionary now?

Shame on you, Governor Ridge, for lying about your party and for abandoning it should you not get your way.

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