Monday, April 27, 2009

What If Bush Did It: AF-1 Photo Op

I'm starting a new category on the ol' blog here: "What if Bush did it?", pointing out instances where the media and public reaction to an Obama action is vastly different from what it might have been if Dubya had done it instead. These things keep popping up, so I'm going to assume the trend will continue and have some fun with it.

Today's WIBDI - Air Force One and military aircraft buzz NYC for photo ops.

(Ok, not technically AF-1 since el Presidente wasn't on board, but that's not the point.)

There's some confusion as to which NYC authorities might have been properly informed of the plans, which is itself an interesting aspect of the story.

General confusion, some people freaking out, financial firms evacuating their trading floors fearing another 9/11, the oh-so-appropriate use of government funds.

Imagine if Bush had done that.


UPDATE 2 - More Video


Samay said...

Bush did that all the time, while he was riding in the plane - whenever he flew into SF he landed at Moffett Field (the NASA/Navy base in Palo Alto) and made sure to do a flyover of San Francisco even though it's completely off the flight path.

Also, this doesn't seem to have anything to do with Obama or Bush - it's an independent Air Force action.

Anonymous said...

I was about to say it didn't seem like anyone was making excuses for Obama, but then Samay went ahead and made excuses for Obama.

Anonymous said...

MJA above.


JoeCollins said...

Reports are now that Obama is "furious" about the incident.

I'm not sure whether to take that seriously or not. (I have a hard time believing that use of AF-1 for a flyby photo op over a major city wasn't at least mentioned to the Big Cheese.) I will say that Obama being furious is very good PR.

JoeCollins said...

Also, I'm surprised that this got major news coverage today... it actually made the 6:30 news... so I'll take a half-step back from my "what if bush did it".

Anonymous said...

I've seen lots of coverage on this, and everyone seems pretty upset for the most part.


JoeCollins said...

It would figure that the first story I decide to put in the WIBDI category would actually be covered unlike about a dozen or so other stories in the last few months.

Anonymous said...

On the other hand, feel free to rant some more about Arlen Specter!

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