Monday, April 06, 2009

Intertubes Round-up

A.k.a. stuff I've run across today:

Erick Erickson of Red State makes a well-reasoned bleg for the conservative Powers-That-Be to avoid trying to re-invent the wheel all the time and support some people who are already active online.
In the past few years, SEIU, AFL-CIO, NEA, DCCC, and a host of other left-wing organizations have been buying ads on left of center blogs keeping those blogs going — allowing the bloggers on the left some financial incentive to keep blogging for the left.

In addition to all of that, you’ve got the Soros gang and SEIU engaging in a host of left-wing activities online that recruit and fund online writers — bloggers, journalists, etc.

The right has not made the investment. In fact, I dare say RedState is one of the very few places where real collaborative work and outreach goes on among right of center organizations. And even here there is no real investment in advertising, etc.
Meanwhile, the DailyKos has nine employees and a seven figure budget. Here at RedState, I have a volunteer list of two dozen contributors with full time jobs, me, and no budget.

Ruffini links to 538 and discusses why NY-20 isn't as much a Republican stronghold as its registration suggests. This ought to sound familiar to my fellow Pennsylvanians. Read up.

Oh, and on that topic, here's a little info on Congressional districts that was passed around at PLC:
Dist %Bush 04 %McCain 08 Dem 04 Dem 06 Dem 08
PA-3 53 49 40 42 52
PA-4 54 55 36 52 56
PA-10 60 54 7 53 56
PA-17 58 51 59 65 64

Not to be the white guy from the sticks who's always posting about race, but...
"Young, Black, & Republican" - A 16 minute video for anybody who is a little sick of consistently losing the Af-Am vote 90% to 10%. What attracts voters, what turns voters off, what we might try differently.

"Obama Wants to Control the Banks", i.e. why the government doesn't want the TARP money back.

There are two possibilities, the one explored above, or the idea that all this talk of giving the TARP money back is mere bluster.

On the lighter side, I'm more of a bourbon guy, but I appreciate "The Art of Manliness Guide to Scotch Whisky".

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Samay said...

Maybe the Republicans would do better in NY, PA and the rest of the northeast if the southern-dominated party stopped demonizing the northeast. They may not be attacking Upstate or Central Pennsylvania directly, but there's a lot of connections, since many people have family in the cities, and visit often enough to know that the cities aren't ungodly centers of sin and hedonism.