Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Way past bad

Decompressing and recovering from the flu after my time in what I'm now referring to as Das Capitol...

Obama really dropped a lot of stuff on the public in the last week. I sorta laid out the "Obama is a socialist" argument before the election, and caught some flak for it. And to think I was disturbed before! Right now I'm working past the point of rage and entering a numb, shocked phase with the budget plan (and the stimulus, and the health insurance plan, and the tax changes...). Wow. I'm feeling increasingly vindicated by my previous assessment, which let me tell you is not a good feeling.

I'm not as far along as Pat Buchanan ("We are not 'headed down the road to socialism.' We are there."), but it's increasingly obvious that we've has shifted into second gear on that road.

Anyway, Ace of Spades is all over the similarities between the ARRA symbol and the hammer and sickle with the twin shout-outs to agriculture and industry:


I personally would have gone with the Blue Eagle (perhaps modernized):

nra blue eagle

I mean, Barack is the reincarnation of FDR, is he not?

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